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A study conducted by the California Mentor Foundation yielded the following statistic, showing the positive impact of mentoring among youth facing major social ills:

98% -Stay in school

98%- Do not become teen parents

85% -Do not use drugs

98% -Avoid gang participation

In the words of the National CARES Mentoring Movement, “mentoring is a low-cost, high yield solution to a growing crisis.”

There is enormous amount of  pressures just being a teenager.  As the teens  transition from childhood to  young adulthood, they face challenges on a daily basis from  – body change, peer pressure, social media and trying to fit in. Just having someone to help teens understand these changes and how to deal with the challenges can make a big difference in ones world.

Mentoring and Coaching is a huge component of our program. We partnered with local business owners, counselors  and community leaders to help mentor and coach our youth.

Mentoring Programs

You Are a KING” -By Christopher King

You’re The Reflection In My Mirror”-By  Amira Thomas

Young Driven Professional”– By Jonathon Worley

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